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Helping Homeless Babies

In 2019 alone, Infant Essentials spent $33,932 providing 54,696 diapers, 865 packages of wipes, 21 strollers for families without transportation, 20 car seats, 20 cribs/beds, 29 cases of formula, 109 clothing outfits, 9 high chairs, 8 baby gates, 8 safety proofing kits, as well as miscellaneous nursing pillows, baby carriers, blankets, diaper creams, potty seats, one changing table, and through donation programs some developmental toys and books.   

Our requests have increased year after year but this year has taken an extraordinary leap. We are still fulfilling all requests, but fear that we may run out of funds before we are legally able to host another fundraiser. 

We will help our needy families as long as we possibly can. Thank you for your continued support of Infant Essentials.



We can really use your support.

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Harmony Wine and Beer Festival

Harmony Wine Festival 2020


Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances we are unable to host the 2020 Harmony Wine and Beer Festival. 


Sadly, we rely on all of the proceeds of this event to provide the annual working budget for the supplies that we provide. While we can't provide the super fun time that we have brought in past years, we could still really use your donations. The need has increased and our ability to fundraise has decreased. Thank you for your continued support and please. . .


SAVE THE DATE:  August 2021! 


We are beyond excited to work with such a great group of people again in 2021 at Harmony Cellars to in turn benefit many more of SLO Counties homeless and very-low income population. THANK YOU TOWN OF HARMONY AND HARMONY CELLARS for your continued support!

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